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Forward Bend Chair Yoga Pose

Private Yoga Lessons

Private yoga lessons are available by appointment.  Before you schedule a time for your lesson, we will discuss your particular needs and we will design an individualized session for you.  The benefits of a private session are numerous. For beginners, it allow you to learn the basics of yoga at your own pace.  For more experienced students, it can help you fine tune your yoga practice.  And for those with health issues, we can tailor the lesson to best help your medical condition.

Forward Bend Chair Yoga Pose

Black Lab Yoga can customize your Private Yoga Lessons to include Chair Yoga Poses

Private yoga sessions are focused on your specific needs and centered around your schedule. You will be one-on-one with an instructor that has your complete attention. We provide the instruction necessary to know what poses to do, when to do them, and how to do them. Not every posture is appropriate for every person. Also, people think their bodies can do more than they think. With proper guidance you will stay within your body’s range of motion. Thereby, decreasing your risk of injury.

Private lessons allow you to explore the many different aspects of yoga at your own pace.

You are better able to ask questions.

It can help build your home practice, regardless of how long you have been practicing yoga